Google Street View update service

Has it been a while since a Google Street View car has passed your business to update the imagery? Are you a caravan park, activity/attraction or park authority that does not currently have imagery? If so, you’ve landed on the right page.

When will Google update my Street View?

If you would simply like to know when Google will be visiting your location to update the imagery you can see what areas Google is updating here

How our Google Street View update service works

With some areas either never mapped with Street View or not updated for ten years or more you may be wondering how we can help. We have our own solution to update the Google Street View imagery and submit to their platform for update, using a high resolution (8k) camera either mounted to a car, attached to a back mount (for walking routes) or a bike (for bike routes).

We will visit your site and drive/walk the route that needs mapping or updating (the route should be clear without obstructions). Once we have completed the work, we will (upon returning to base) submit the imagery to Google. Once submitted imagery is normally visible and navigable within 48 hours. Faces and number plates will automatically be blurred.

There are obviously differences between our images and the images captured by the Google Street View cars. The only obvious one is that the car recording the tour will be visible if you move the viewpoint down.

Example Google Street View

The before and after images below show the Google Street View map of a caravan park before and after we updated the Google Street View. In the after image you’ll see that the blue line indicates that the area mapped is now navigable with Google Street View.

Before Street View update

After Street View update

You may be wondering if you can embed your new Google Street View. The simple answer is yes, below is an example. 


How much does it cost?

Cost for driving a route is £199* 
Cost of walking a route POA
Cost of cycling a route POA

Contact us with your requirements

*Maximum of half an hour mapping or up to five miles (speed of 30mph or less).